The ISN Emerging Leaders Program: how it has inspired me and has changed my perspective on global health care

13 Apr 2024 6:15pm 6:45pm
Spotlight Stage 1 (exhibition hall)
IsabelleEthier Spotlight Speaker Canada
WorkagegnehuBilchut Spotlight Speaker Ethiopia
PeaceDr Peace Bagasha Spotlight Speaker Uganda
ShaifaliSandal Spotlight Chairperson Canada
VivekanandJha Spotlight Chairperson George Institute for Global Health IndiaIndia

Come listen to testimonies from 3 members of the ELP cohort 2 on what they have learned and gained by being part of the ISN Emerging Leaders Program. The focus of these stories will be on the impact of collaborative work involving members from all over the world, getting a better understanding of different healthcare systems and its available resources and real-life experiences on facilitators and barriers to change in different settings, the importance of local and global advocacy; and opportunities for future collaborations beyond the ELP.