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Alfonso MartinCueto Manzano
Alfonso M. Cueto-Manzano MD, MSc, PhD, is head of the Medical Research Unit in Kidney Diseases, Hospital de Especialidades, CMNO, IMSS, in Guadalajara, Mexico. He is member of the National System of Researchers level III. His research has focused on Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Peritoneal Dialysis, Systemic Inflammation and Mineral and Bone Disorders of CKD. He has published more than 110 scientific articles, 26 book chapters and 4 books, with more than 3,000 citations. He was a member of the ISN Committees of Research & Prevention, Educational Ambassador, and Fellowship Award, and is currently member of the Latin American Board. He is coordinator of the Research Committee and member of the Kidney Health Committee of the Latin American Society of Nephrology and Hypertension (SLANH). In the past, he has been President of the Mexican Institute of Nephrological Research (IMIN) and the Jalisco College of Nephrology. He was also President of the SLANH (2017-2019) and of the Mexican Council of Nephrology (2022-2023).

Day 2 - Monday April 15, 2024

Time Session
IfeomaUlasi Chairperson of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu, NigeriaNigeria
Nelson AlbertoCastro Moderator trischt19@gmail.comArgentina
  • Accessibility to CKD Diagnosis: Focus on CKDu (Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin) and Advancements in Diagnostic Approaches
    RamonGarcia Trabanino Speaker rgtrab@gmail.comSLANHEl Salvador
  • Latin American Dialysis and Renal Transplantation Registry: Updates and Progress
    MariaGonzalez Speaker registro@slanh.netSLANHUruguay
  • Special Situations in Argentina: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Individuals on Dialysis Without a Diagnosis in the Argentinian Registry
    GuillermoRosa Diez Speaker Italiano de Buenos Aires; Argentinean Society of Nephrology; Latinoamerican Society of Nephrology and Hypertension; International Society of NephrologyArgentina
  • Cardiovascular and Renal Risk Factors in Argentinian First Nations: A Study of Qom and Wichi Indigenous Groups
    Maria Eugenia VictoriaBianchi Speaker bianchimaria@me.comISN. SAN.Argentina
  • Accessibility to Substitution Treatment in Latin America
    AlejandroFerreiro Fuentes Speaker aferreirofuentes@gmail.comCentro de Nefrología. Universidad de la República,Uruguay
  • Accessibility to Programs of Prevention, and Early Detection and Treatment of Kidney Disease in Latin America
    Alfonso MartinCueto Manzano Speaker a_cueto_manzano@hotmail.comUnidad de Investigación Médica en Enfermedades RenMexico
  • Break
  • Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks by Valerie Luyckx, University of Zurich, Switzerland
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