The ISN Emerging Leaders and Environmentally Sustainable Kidney Care: The Time is Now

14 Apr 2024 12:15pm 1:15pm
Hall D
LetiziaDe Chiara Chairperson Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences "Mario Serio", University of Florence Italy
MariaPippias Chairperson University of BristolUnited Kingdom

Session description:
Showcasing the ISN’s GREEN-K Initiative and the ISN-ELP 2022 Cohort’s Green Nephrology Toolkit, this session aims to inspire participants towards global environmental sustainable kidney care.
Learning objectives:
Understand environmental impact of kidney care; Be familiar with 2-3 examples of changes that can be made; Know what resources are available to assist with implementing change locally.

Time Session
Introducing ‘GREEN-K’: Our Shared Responsibility in Transitioning to Environmentally Sustainable Global Kidney Care
CarolineStigant Speaker Caroline.Stigant@islandhealth.caCanada
The Impact of Kidney Care on the Environment and the Need to Implement Sustainable Practices in Nephrology: Case Studies
EhabHafiz Speaker dr_ehabosama@yahoo.comTheodor Bilharz Research InstituteEgypt
A New Armamentarium to Fight Climate Change: How to Apply the ISN Green Nephrology Toolkit
Winston Wing ShingFung Speaker winstonwsfung@hotmail.comPrince of Wales Hospital, Hong KongHong Kong, China
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